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Functional, aesthetic and sustainable

Those are the characteristic properties of gabions. Gabions and gabion mattresses are flexible, metal-wired “boxes” filled with stone, soil and/or other types of materials. They are an excellent and versatile construction material for (road and water) construction projects, technical nature conservation or non-residential construction. Ever since the invention and the first commercial applications of steel wire gabions over 120 years ago, millions of square and cubic metres have successfully been applied in all parts of the world. Constructions using gabions and gabion mattresses have a high level of loading capacity and are extremely stable, but are also flexible and permeable, and unite the properties of traditional “hard” construction materials (concrete, steel, wood) with “soft” solutions (soil, plants) and can therefore be defined as a “bio-civil” construction material. Nautilus Gabions offers gabions in all shapes and dimensions, made of both braided steel wire and welded steel wire, always galvanised, aluminium galvanised (Galfan), stainless steel or galvanised + coated.

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